I am a Type I diabetic, and I am a mom. If you are in a similar situation, being a full-time diabetic, being a full-time parent, possibly being a full-time employee, and trying to be a well-balanced full-time PERSON, then I have to ask: Have you ever tried to search online about anything having to do with being a diabetic who also just happens to be a parent? If you have, I bet you understand my frustration.

If you search “diabetic mom” or “diabetic father,” you are greeted with a slew of articles and advice for parents who have newly diagnosed children. If you search “raising a child with diabetes,” you find tons and tons of articles, blogs, medical journals, and entire websites devoted to helping these new parents of young diabetics navigate what sometimes feels like an un-navigatable disease. If you search “parent with diabetes” you are directed toward in-home health aides, geriatric nutritionists, and web sites devoted to understanding how to read a food label correctly.

Now, I mean no disrespect to any person to whom these websites apply. I WAS that diabetic child with a mom and dad struggling to figure this all out. I have both parents and grandparents who fit into the “parent with diabetes” (in this case,Type II) categories. But those are NOT me, and that is not what I was looking for.

No, I am a woman who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 10, who has lived with it for 25 years, who has dealt with multiple, countless complications, frustrations, setbacks, and pains, and has now been given the amazing opportunity to raise a beautiful daughter. According to many medical professionals who I have encountered over the last 25 years, my pregnancy was never supposed to happen. My pregnancy was the scariest thing I have ever experienced. My pregnancy was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. My pregnancy was a blessing. My pregnancy has given me a new perspective on chronic disease, health, and life as a whole. And as for motherhood, well, as a Type I diabetic, that has been full of even more emotions and roller coasters.

But,  I can’t even seem to search myself on the internet because what I am doesn’t have a label or a specific identity. WHO am I?

I am a Momabetic. And this is my blog.

And all I want is to share my experiences with others in the same situation, and have them share their’s with me. So here we go; let’s talk pumps, tantrums, medical supply bags the size of diaper bags, toddlers pulling out tubing, fighting my kids for juice boxes when I’m low, and so much more.



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