My Hobby: Going To The Doctor

I think it’s funny when I hear people talking about their hobbies, or see someone post about a new pastime. Not “ha-ha” funny, but the “Ohhhhhh, I remember having those!” kind of funny. With three full-time jobs (mom, teacher, and diabetic) and a number of part-time ones (house-cleaner, literacy professor, dog-walker,etc), the idea of a hobby just feels like more work.

Before being a mom, I DID have hobbies,  REAL hobbies: horseback riding, yoga, writing, reading, cooking. I still love these things, but they have become occasional recreations instead of real hobbies. Real hobbies happen often. Real hobbies are relatively consistent. Real hobbies are part of your every-day world.

Now, what happens often, consistently, and sometimes what feels like every day? The doctors. The endocrinologist. The retinologist. The nephrologist. The ophthalmologist. The counselor. The primary care physician. The podiatrist. The dentist (twice as often as my non-diabetic friends). Every three months. And then I do it all over again. Recently, I can add the Physical Therapist twice a week to that list as I recover from a shoulder surgery I had in January. And that’s just for me.

Now let’s factor in my daughter’s pediatrician, who we see regularly for what feels like “the cold/virus/toddler-infection-of-the-week” that will NEVER go away, at least not for long. Oh yeah, and her hand specialist for an injury that occurred when she was one.

That is what I do after working a full day in a high school. That is where I am headed when friends and colleagues wonder what I’m up to rushing out of the building at the last bell. Realistically, I do find time to do other things, but is searching online for “My toddler screams when I brush her hair” really a hobby? And as for exercise, that happens at 4AM before my day starts, and even though I end up feeling great afterwards and happy I did it, it’s part of a routine to make sure my blood sugar has a fighting chance of being consistent all, or part of, the day. That makes it part of one of my jobs, right?

So, I guess for now days my hobbies include doctors, 2-year old activities and, now, blogging. And I will try to squeeze in adaptations of my hobbies like audio books that I can listen to in waiting rooms and while exercising. But this time only lasts so long, and then I will be longingly remembering the days when my Lily needed me to constantly hold her, or help her on the potty, or make her dinner, or lay with her until she fell asleep.

So for now, I CHOOSE to embrace going to all of the doctors (I’m lucky to have them, and lucky that I get to be alive and that I get to be a mom), 2-year old activities (until she is old enough to realize that I’m not cool), and bogging (to help me realize that I am not alone, and consequently keep my sanity).




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