“Don’t Unplug Aunt Amy”

“Don’t unplug Aunt Amy!”

This was a phrase often used by my sister and brother-in-law when my then 4-year-old niece Sammy and 1-year-old nephew Benjamin would start to play with exposed infusion set tubing.

The words make me laugh. A lot. And, I have to be honest, they also make me so, so sad sometimes. It makes me upset that my nieces, nephew, and now daughter are growing up in a world where it’s normal that I wear an insulin pump 24/7; where it’s normal for my two-year old to assume that whenever I am not with her and her dad, that “Mommy at doctor”; where my baby asks where my testing kit is if it’s not on its rightful place on the kitchen counter; and where she also knows that sometimes juice boxes aren’t just juice boxes, they’re “mommy’s medicine.”

On the other hand, man, I’m lucky. I have support even from the smallest hearts and hands in my life. And I have the biggest reason of all to take care of myself, or to start over and try again when I have a bad hour, day, week, or month. They are my biggest reason.


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