The Miracle of Getting Out The Door In The Morning

My husband and I both work full time, Monday-Friday. We also live 2 hours from our closest siblings and parents. Consequently, Lily goes to daycare full time as well.

Mike needs to be at work at 6:30AM, I need to be at work at 7:20AM, and Lily gets dropped off at 7:00AM. This means that by the time some people are stretching in bed and having their first cup of coffee, we’ve all been at “work” for at least 2 hours. But this is NOT where the day starts. The day starts much earlier than this. By the time some people are stretching in bed and having that first cup of coffee, I have been living life that day for at least 5-6 hours.

To make 6:30AM, 7:00 AM, and 7:20AM work, a lot has to happen BEFORE we get in the car(s). So, here it goes. I know that many of you feel my pain:

3:45AM: Alarm! Head to the kitchen, check my blood sugar, adjust basal rates for upcoming exercise, make coffee

4:00AM: Unload dishwasher from the night before, feed dog and cat, prepare breakfast to eat right after workout, pack lunches for the family for that day.

4:30AM: Press play and workout for 30 minutes. Working out almost guarantees a good blood sugar day, and a good blood sugar day guarantees a better day in general, so yes, I COULD do this at night–but unless you know what a bad, roller coaster blood sugar day feels like, you won’t understand why this is so important to accomplish in the morning for me.

5:00AM: The family is up! Eat breakfast with Lily while she watches an episode of Paw Patrol or Daniel Tiger and Mike gets ready for work. I refuse to sacrifice this time that I get to laugh and cuddle with my daughter–I want her to remember starting her day with us, especially if we have to be apart for most of it five days a week.

5:15-5:20AM: Recheck blood sugar and adjust basal rate as needed. Sometimes, suck down a juice box (or two) if necessary. Change infusion set every 2-3 days.

5:30AM: Mike plays with Lily and gets her dressed (my husband is awesome) while I jump in the shower and get ready for the day.

5:50AM: Battle Lily to do her hair, put her shoes on, and start to head to the car.On the way out, give the dog treats and a hug (Lily). Look for cat and say goodbye (Lily).

6:15AM: We are situated in the car. Mike leaves in his own car and Lily and I spend the next 5-10 minutes finding the perfect morning music, picking up her toys (that she threw on the floor) three times, and negotiating whether she REALLY has to use the potty.

6:25AM: Blood sugar check before driving. Adjust, drink juice, etc. as needed.

6:27-6:30: Finally leave the driveway. Drive to daycare.

7:00AM: Daycare Dropoff!

7:07AM: Hop back in the car, call Mike to tell him drop-off was (or wasn’t) successful, and head to work.

7:18AM: Pull into work parking lot with two minutes to spare! Yes!

Many of my friends make fun of me for my early bedtime, but I need to sleep, and the morning don’t afford that luxury right now. No sleep = bad sugars for me, and bad sugars = all sorts of bad of things.

If this morning miracle of accomplishing everything is going to happen, that means early to bed so I am ready to start my day feeling as good as possible, and do it allllll over again.



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