Picture Day

Today is picture day in my 2.5 year-old’s daycare.

This means that last night  I carefully chose an outfit that 1) wouldn’t blend in with the green screen, 2) was “fancy” enough, but which also 3) was comfortable enough, 4) had matching hair accessories, 5) wouldn’t show too many crumbs if this morning’s snack was messy, and 6) considered all weather conditions, including a cool morning and 30 degree warmer afternoon. Oh, and it also had to match her new sneakers that she insisted on wearing.

This small, unimportant task took A LOT of time. Much more time than I have spent on myself lately. And it was a reality check.

Today is a new day. Time to make some extra time for me. Time to take a few extra minutes reflecting on my bloodsugar and seeing where I need to tweak. Time to make a bigger effort to get that exercise in that keeps my levels steady most of the day. Time to get back to blogging, because THIS keeps me healthy, focused, centered, and realistic.

Friday is officially picture day for me; my faculty picture will be taken at the school where I teach full time. But TODAY is my fresh start to self care. I find that sometimes I need to stop, reevaluate, and move forward once again. This feels like one of those times.