The Ups (Mostly Ups) and Downs of My Dude Ranch Weekend

My daughter will be 3 in January and I had never spent a single night away from her.

Well, actually I kind of did once. My husband and I went away for one night to a B&B 30 minutes from our house to celebrate our 3 year anniversary (Lily was 7 months old) and my mother-in-law stayed with her. However, plans were foiled when we got a call that the roofers came 3 days before they were scheduled to come, and they came at 6AM, and they need us to tell them what to do. So, we had left after Lily went to bed, and we got home before she woke up. I’m not sure if that counts.

Anyway, this past weekend was the REAL first time I was away from her. My husband and I spent three days and 2 nights at a dude ranch in PA to celebrate my 35th birthday, his 35th birthday, and our 5 year wedding anniversary, all which occurred this year. It was going to be a rejuvenating weekend, full of relaxation, laughter, nature, and each other. Apparently my diabetes felt left out and reared its ugly head.

Maybe it as the anticipation of leaving Lily for the first time, maybe it was a new schedule and environment, maybe it was the happy stress of the weekend, maybe it was the nervous excitement of going outside my comfort zone and shooting a gun and a bow and arrow, maybe it was the sheer joy of spending three days in a saddle, or maybe it was a combination of all three, but whatever the cause, my blood sugar refused to cooperate.

It was high (210). Then it was higher(290). The it was a little better, but still high (245). Then it was insanely high (440). And on and on and on it went, just like this. At one point, I got it to 199, which felt like a miracle to be in the 100s.

And yes, I tried everything. I changed my site. I adjusted my basal rate (3 times). I corrected. And corrected. And corrected. I ate and bolused for EXACT carb counts. But my body refused to cooperate.

When we finally got home late on a Sunday afternoon, I tested in preparation for dinner: 176. Before bed: 132. And Monday Morning: 102. I was back in the game where the rules were making sense again.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what happened, but I did realize/remember a few things; 1) even good stress is stress that affects blood sugar levels, 2) sometimes you just have to keep trying. 3) sometimes it’s out of your control, and 4) sometimes an amazing, rejuvenating, relaxing weekend trip is worth a high or two.

And my daughter didn’t even miss us.



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