My 3-year-old has recently made it her life’s mission to find as many reasons as possible to get out of bed at bedtime. I found this hilarious¬†article, and I can sadly relate to most of the items on the list.

However, there are a few missing that my Lily, who, just to clarify, is NOT a diabetic, has tried in the past week that only a momabetic (or dadabetic) can really appreciate:

“My blood sugar is low.”

“I need chocolate. My blood sugar is low.”

“I need a juice box ’cause¬†my blood sugar is very low.”

Do you see a pattern?

And we can’t leave out,

“I need my meter.”


“I forgot my pump.” (Followed by frantic rustling through her toy-box until she finds her Paw-Patrol Calculator and attempts to put it in her shirt.)

Well, I guess maybe she’ll be an endocrinologist when she grows up.